Ziqiang Pei 裴自强

RSDE | Autonomous Driving Lab | Alibaba Damo Academy

Email:  dfzspzq[at]163.com
Github: ZQPei (3k+)


I am working at Alibaba DAMO Academy as a Research Developer in Autonomous Driving Lab. I obtained my master degree at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2020, advised by Prof. Guoyou Wang. Before that, I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree from South West University in 2013. Later I worked as a high school physics teacher for four years until 2017.

I am broadly interested in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. My current research focuses on Deep Learning Compiler Stack.

Competition and Projects

  • 1st Prize, Alibaba Cloud German AI Challenge, [code]

  • High speed railway intrusion detection alarm system

  • Detection on key components of power grid

  • Open Sourced Projects


Conference Papers

Feature Guidance GAN for High Quality Image Restoration,
Ziqiang Pei, Sheng Yang, Guoyou Wang,
in the proceedings of International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP) 2020.

Rotated Faster R-CNN for Oriented Object Detection in Aerial Images,
Sheng Yang, Ziqiang Pei, Feng Zhou, Guoyou Wang,
in the proceedings of International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Innovation (ICAII) 2020.

Internship Experience

  • Research Intern in Mobile Autodriving
    Jul. - Aug. 2019
    ETLab of CAINIAO | Alibaba Group.
  • Research Intern in Image Inpainting
    Mar. - Jun. 2019
    Institute of Deep Learning | Baidu Inc.

Education Background

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